Benefits Of Interim Leadership

A blog for a company called Compass Clinical Consulting recently had an article titled Investing in Interim Hospital Leaders: Reaping the Benefits. It mainly talked about some of the benefits hospitals can receive by bringing in interim leadership when needed. It talked about how things such as morale, recruitment, and fixing major problems can be addressed when bringing in a qualified consultant.

Frankly, there’s nothing to disagree with in the article. We have heard of many success stories from clients talking about many of the interim leaders we’ve placed in some hospitals. Many hospitals have had great financial turnarounds when compared to where they were before our consultants were placed. One hospital actually showed more than a 100% increase in revenue and almost 40% increase in cash collections via the efforts of interim leadership we placed.

We have been happy with the quality of the consultants that have worked with us, and our clients have also. Of course, no one is perfect, because you just never know how a consultant will work with certain elements in some hospitals. Often there are situations where our consultant might not have a chance to break through the hierarchy. That’s not just us, as many independent consultants will tell you that management’s reasons for bringing them in weren’t really clear once they arrived on the scene.

However, when clients, interim staffing companies, and consulting leaders achieve a symbiotic relationship, good things happen more often than not. If clients are willing to allow consultants to do what they came to do and accept many of their suggestions, they’ll often find that things will end up working pretty well on the back end. They’ll be able to reap the benefits and skills of someone who usually has a background of previous success.

That part, weeding out the skilled, is the staffing agency’s job, and it’s what they gear themselves to be. Their reputation is on the line, and they won’t risk having it ruined by placing the wrong person. In the end, they also want to reap the benefits of skilled interim leaders as well.