Don’t Up And Quit Your Job Just Yet

I remember many years ago when I was pretty young that I went to a staffing agency to help me find work. What I was told back then is that I needed to be available immediately whenever they called, and that if I had anything else going on that I should give it up, even if I was already working, because the company had something they were just about to close on that would be big, and I needed to be ready to go.

At this point you probably know the rest of the story. I quit my job, which really wasn’t paying all that much, and I waited for the call. After a couple of weeks I called them, as I hadn’t heard anything, and was told that it had fallen through and it wasn’t available anymore. I felt like an idiot; gave up a paying job for nothing, because money was money after all.

Every once in a while you’ll talk to an unscrupulous recruiter or staffing agency that will promise you the moon without having anything confirmed. They will make promises to you and ask you to give up a few things in preparation of a big thing. When this happens, you need to take stock of that recruiter or agency and decide if you trust them or not. The truth is that a credible staffing agency or recruiter won’t ever ask you to give up a paying job to work for them. They will tell you what’s available and let you make the decision as to what it is you want to do. If something is on the horizon but not confirmed, they’ll tell you that as well. They understand that everyone needs to be bringing in money to help pay bills and get on with life, and would never encourage you to do otherwise unless the position was a locked deal.

Always protect your own interests first, and try to make sure you’re working with credible people. If you ever feel pressured or confused by something you’re being told, you might want to consider looking elsewhere for help.