Articles On Expeditive

We’re not only an interim staffing company, although that’s the main concentration of our business. We also offer revenue cycle consulting services through Expeditive and our main stock holder.

Because of that, we’d like to introduce you to our articles page. At the present time we have six articles, with more coming, and they address issues regarding both staffing and accounts receivables issues. Here are the titles and brief synopsis of those articles; you can visit the main article page to read any of them.

When Might You Need an A/R Swat Team – our recommendations for helping health care entities decide if they need to bring in professionals to help them out.

Five Ways To “EMPOWER” Your Patient Accounting Personnel” – our recommendations for ways to help your current staff work better independently.

Accelerating Cash: Using an Action Plan – our recommendation for how to increase your cash collection process.

Hiring Top-Quality Revenue Cycle Staff – our recommendations on how to evaluate talent that you want to bring into your facility as full time staff. You can also use these criteria in evaluating interim needs.

Improving Your Revenue Cycle IT Infrastructure – our recommendations for what your financial needs are if you’re looking into changing your computer patient accounting systems.

Challenges When Outsourcing Your Business Office – our thoughts on what you might want to consider if you’re thinking about outsourcing your accounts receivables.

We hope you stop by to take a look at what we have to offer in our articles.


Can You Go It Alone?

Something that we are proud of at Expeditive is our white paper, titled Can You Go It Alone? This isn’t necessarily an advertisement for our staffing company as much as a recommendation for health care entities that are having difficulties with their revenue cycle operations and ways to review how they might get out of those difficulties. We’re not going to print the entire white paper here, as we’d love for you to download it and absorb what we have to say, but we will give you some highlights here to whet your appetite.

First, facilities must determine what their issues are when the believe their financials are performing poorly. Is it the billing department? Is it medical records? Could the problem be charge capture? Could there be an issue with how the budget was put together? Maybe there’s a logjam at registration which results in poor information capture. It could be many things, and they might take time to review.

Second, what do you want to do when you’ve figured things out? Can you handle it all with the people you have, or do you need some kind of outside assistance? Do you want to outsource things, or bring someone in to work on your issues? Do you need some leaders, or some independent workers? Do you need training of some sort?

Third, what would be success to you? Sure, you might want it all, but can you afford it all? Do you want quick results or are you willing to take the time to get it right?

And fourth, where can you go to get this help? For that one, click on the first link in this post and see if we might be able to offer you what you need.

How To Determine How Many Billing People You Need

Here’s the scenario. Your accounts receivables are pretty high, and your facility has decided to bring in temporary personnel to help catch up. But you’re unsure how many people you need and what would make it cost effective.

The last thing to think about in making the determination as to how many people you need is the outstanding dollars you have. Many people would think that should be number one on your list, but the truth is that you’ve used that dollar figure only in determining that you need people.

The real figure you want to use is how many outstanding claims there are to work through. There’s a major different between looking at $100,000 in outstanding claims and learning that’s the total for 3 claims as opposed to looking at $100,000 and seeing that pertains to 1,000 claims.

The next thing you need to look at is whether the claims you need worked are electronic or paper claims. Paper claims take longer to work, especially if a lot of bills need to be sent out, so the number of claims will be lower that you’ll need to look at.

The final determination is how quickly you want the clean up to take. You can think about hiring one or two people for a longer term, or doubling that figure or more if you want things completed quicker. Costs may be comparable overall, but it’s possible to save some on travel by hiring more people if some of the billing personnel being brought in are flying in.