Can You Go It Alone?

A couple of years ago, I wrote an article that I added to an article database titled Can You Go It Alone. In that article, I talked about the need sometimes to do something drastic in finding a way to attack bad accounts receivables within a hospital’s revenue cycle process. And one of those drastic moves I mentioned was to bring in a revenue cycle consultant to help out.

Let’s face this fact; there are a lot of both good and bad consultants out there. The bad ones give the good ones a bad name. Sometimes it’s hard to know who’s who based on just talking to them, because anyone with even a few years in the business knows how to talk a good game. Then you’ll bring them in and not get what you expected, and they’re gone one day and you’ve ended up with nothing positive to show for your money.

Something a medical staffing agency can do is help to make sure you’re getting someone with the proper skills. Of course, you also have to know what it is you’re expecting and to be ready to hear “that won’t work”, or any number of recommendations from a consultant. They have no agenda, and aren’t out to get anyone, even if they’re being brought in with the goal of helping to reduce staff.

Good consultants know that their next big assignment might depend on how well they helped the previous client; bad consultants just expect that they’ll get something else one day and not worry about it. Medical staffing agencies like Expeditive can help you get it right the first time around.

It’s possible that you can go it alone. But if you can’t, at least you know there are plenty of options for you to pursue.


Three Reasons To Think About Working Independently

Did you see the news a couple of days ago? Over a million people have lost their unemployment benefits, which includes their COBRA coverage for health care. It’s a scary time for a lot of people who have been used to working the traditional 9-5.

If you’ve never thought about it before, it’s not a bad idea to sign up for a staffing agency, no matter what your background happens to be. We at Expeditive concentrate on health care finance, but there are plenty of staffing agencies that are looking for the skills you probably have. Why sign up with a staffing agency? Here are 3 great reasons.

1. Flexibility. If you get an assignment from a staffing agency, that doesn’t totally lock you into the normal 9-5. If you need a day off or a few hours off, you can take them since the company you’re working at isn’t losing anything. Sure, you won’t get paid for the time you miss, but sometimes you need the ability to leave, such as if you’ve got a job interview for something permanent.

2. Pay. Depending on your job skills, sometimes you’ll find that you make more money working at an independent contractor than you did at your regular job. Think about how nice it would be if you could make the money you used to make in half the time.

3. The job itself. Sometimes you’ll find that you actually like working in the new place, and they like you as well. Being hired by someone while working an interim gig happens all the time. It’s a nice little trial period and, because you’ve been somewhat on the outside, you’ve had time to integrate yourself into the company without much pressure to be a perfect performer.

Unemployment Reaches 9.8%

Last week the government released more figures showing that the unemployment rate has jumped to 9.8% Also, there were more jobless claims in September than had been expected, which caused the Dow to drop around 200 points.

It’s a volatile job market, and that’s scary for a lot of people. Economists keep hoping that the economy is going to turn around and that jobs are going to come back, but I keep wondering where they think these jobs are going to come from. Manufacturing is leaving the country and many other services seem to be leaving as well.

One of the benefits of hooking up with a staffing company is that someone is always looking for people to help them out. It’s not like every day we have thousands of opportunities for everyone. After all, though our industry have done better that many other industries, we have also seen that there are fewer extraneous jobs out there. When companies leave, they take away many of those jobs that we could have helped people fill.

It does work a little differently in hospitals, though, which helps us. For the most part, hospitals will always be around. There have been some closings and mergers, but hospitals can’t leave the country, though they can send some work out of the country. One of the things we’re thinking about is expanding the types of medical staffing we can do. We have concentrated on the revenue side of things, and that will always be our focus, but we do occasionaly get requests for other types of personnel.

If you’ve been downsized and you’re unsure of what you’d like to do, you should consider looking into a staffing company. It just might be what you need to hold you over until full time employment comes again, and you might find that you enjoy it more and have more freedom and end up creating a new career for yourself.