Hello.  My name is Jim Yarsinsky, and I’d like to welcome you to our new blog.  Our company name is Expeditive, and we’re one of the leading interim staffing companies in the United States.

I started this company back in 2003 under the name PFS Resources.  We have been in business together since that time, and have placed both regular billing staff and interim directors and independent high level personnel at hospital across the country.

You’re probably wondering how a company like ours operates.  Well, we like to see ourselves as something a little bit different than the norm.  Instead of just going out and getting people with no background, we recruit people with great resumes and a wealth of history behind them.  We check out their professional status, and try to place them with the right health care facilities.  We have a great record of success, and some of the people we’ve placed have helped health care entities get out of a lot of financial and management problems.

With this blog, we plan on talking about things that are related to health care, employees, staffing, management, and at times, specific revenue cycle enhancement projects.  We will also, from time to time, broadcast company news.  We may touch upon controversial health care issues from time to time also, but not too controversial.  After all, sometimes just reporting the news, even news that everyone hasn’t heard, seems controversial to some people.  But everything we do will be with respect to you, our readers and clients.

Please take a look at our site, our services, and our history.  Get to know us, because we’re here for your needs.  And, I’d also like to direct you to a brief interview I gave about myself and Expeditive last year; it’s just a little bit more information about myself and what we do.  I hope you enjoy what we’ll be bringing to you on a regular basis here.