Staffing Issues To Consider

There was an article on a blog called Office Arrow titled Cost Effective Staffing Strategies that we found intriguing. It went in a totally different direction than our last post titled Can You Go It Alone, as it addressed taking a look at how your current full time staff is performing as it pertains to issues like absenteeism, overtime, and general work performance.

Those are definitely important internal issues for all companies to review because it could be indicative of a breakdown of work practices throughout a business. In an odd way, some of those issues could lead you to determine that you could use the services of a staffing agency when applied to your medical financial offices because they might highlight why you would want to consider getting outside help.

For instance, let’s take a look at overtime. If you’re paying your staff a lot in overtime hours and they’re still not catching up, it might indicate that you need more people on the job. One of the problems with just hiring a new person is that you have to go through a long training process and that could mean your departments will fall behind even further. Bringing in someone with experience already helps you catch up while also taking time to train a permanent employee.

The same type of thing could relate to dealing with high numbers of absenteeism. At a certain point you as the employer are going to have to do something about it, but you still can’t afford to fall too far behind. You could determine to outsource some of your work, or you could bring in an interim person or persons to help you catch up while training the new person. You could also bring in interim people while you evaluate things to determine if there are other changes needed.

Interim staffing companies can offer many business solutions that help companies buy themselves some time while making sure they don’t fall too far behind on the important daily operations that help them sustain themselves.


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