Reintroducing Expeditive Blog

We’ve been away from this blog for a short period of time, so a partial reintroduction seems to be in order.

We are called Expeditive, and we’re a health care interim financial staffing company. We have placed medical billing and revenue cycle people in hospitals and other medical facilities across the United States. So we don’t totally repeat ourselves, here’s the link to our first introductory post.

Since that time, we’ve added some new components to our staffing practice. We now can also place chief financial officers. We actually started doing this last August, but never mentioned it on this blog. Interim chief financial officers are definitely needed, and good ones are hard to find, especially those who can come in and make immediate positive impacts, while realizing that they’re only holding the spot for a short period of time. We’re happy to provide this type of placement now.

We also now have two vice presidents in the company, which is a very positive note for our company. One of our vice presidents will take care of our financial operations, as our company enjoys internal growth in the market. Our other vice president will be over operations to help manage and oversee all the staff that we have placed in medical facilities, including physicians offices. These moves will make Expeditive more efficient in its overall operations.

We are honored to have this space to share information and to help describe what we do here and there. We appreciate your following this blog, and hope to interact with many of you in the future.


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