Life Of A Interim Consultant, Part Two

I talked about a few things concerning the life of a traveling interim consultant a couple of days ago. Here’s a few more things concerning the life.

First, I want to follow up on the eating thing I left off with. It’s easy to get into some pretty bad habits while on the road.What you have to hope for is to have a room that at least has a refrigerator. If that’s the case, stock up with bottles of water, some bread, and some lunch meat. Even if you have a restaurant in the hotel, it shuts down at least by 11PM if not sooner, and isn’t always open. So, it helps to have something to eat in the room, and lunch meat is healthier than eating chips and dessert types of things.

Second, shutting down the mind can be tough. I know very few consultants who can leave the work at the job site, so they’ll put in extra hours in the hotel. We love that, as it’s billable hours, but if you don’t find some time when you can wind down, you’ll drive yourself nuts.

Third, you always have to remind yourself that, though you may start feeling pretty comfortable after awhile, you’re always only an invited guest into a job site. Don’t get caught up in the drama that working at companies on a daily basis can bring. You always want to watch out for the types of personal relationship stuff that naturally comes about if you’re a full time employee. You’re there to do a job, and it might be a tough job. You may have to do things you don’t like, and it’s always easier to do those things if you remember why you’re there.

Being an interim consultant can be fun, and you will see things that you would never have had the opportunity to see by working in your hometown for the rest of your life. But you can get caught up in it also, so always remember to keep at least some distance between yourself and the people you work with, take care of your health, and you’ll be fine.


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