Benefits Or Not?

A question that sometimes comes up are what kind of benefits do people who sign up with staffing companies get. They’re not talking benefits as in how it will improve their lives. The questions concern medical benefits, unemployment benefits, etc.

The easiest answer is that it depends on the company and the state. For instance, in New Jersey, we’re required to cover anyone who works for us that’s not considered an independent business contractor under both unemployment and worker’s compensation. So, if someone works more than 20 weeks under us, they can put in for unemployment in this state, whether they live here or not. And while they’re working for us, they’ve covered under workers compensation.

There are some employees who we provide health insurance for. Those are long term employees, not short term interim staffing. Those employees also accrue vacation benefits, as well as sick time. They’re not considered as much as interim staff, but actual employees. This subjects them to some other rules. For instance, if they drive to assignments, they get the lesser of mileage between the distance from home to the assignment or our location to the job site.

So, the long answer is that it depends on where you work, who you work for, and the conditions of employment that determines whether benefits are given or not.


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