Unemployment Reaches 9.8%

Last week the government released more figures showing that the unemployment rate has jumped to 9.8% Also, there were more jobless claims in September than had been expected, which caused the Dow to drop around 200 points.

It’s a volatile job market, and that’s scary for a lot of people. Economists keep hoping that the economy is going to turn around and that jobs are going to come back, but I keep wondering where they think these jobs are going to come from. Manufacturing is leaving the country and many other services seem to be leaving as well.

One of the benefits of hooking up with a staffing company is that someone is always looking for people to help them out. It’s not like every day we have thousands of opportunities for everyone. After all, though our industry have done better that many other industries, we have also seen that there are fewer extraneous jobs out there. When companies leave, they take away many of those jobs that we could have helped people fill.

It does work a little differently in hospitals, though, which helps us. For the most part, hospitals will always be around. There have been some closings and mergers, but hospitals can’t leave the country, though they can send some work out of the country. One of the things we’re thinking about is expanding the types of medical staffing we can do. We have concentrated on the revenue side of things, and that will always be our focus, but we do occasionaly get requests for other types of personnel.

If you’ve been downsized and you’re unsure of what you’d like to do, you should consider looking into a staffing company. It just might be what you need to hold you over until full time employment comes again, and you might find that you enjoy it more and have more freedom and end up creating a new career for yourself.


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