Staffing Companies Are Great For Independent Consultants

Are you an independent consultant? If so, hooking up with a staffing company could be a way to help you out when times are a little bit tough.

No one is great at marketing all the time. At least staffing companies have, hopefully, established relationships with other companies that have need of interim staff from time to time. Expeditive is one of those companies. We have relationships with hospitals and medical facilities across the country, and they’re always looking for some kind of help.

Some of the help hospitals are looking for is highly skilled and trained personnel who know how to do things that not everyone knows how to do. For instance, we know that not everyone knows how to do medical records coding. Not everyone knows how to do things with charge masters. And not all everyone in health care knows how to do cost reports.

Consultants bring special skills into the mix. Yet, sometimes they aren’t sure who to market their services to. That’s where a company like ours comes in. We work to get contracts with businesses everywhere. We like knowing as many consultants as possible, so that when someone has a specific need, we have a list of people we can call and make these offers to.

So, if you’re a health care consultant, we’d love to have the opportunity to work with you. Why not contact Expeditive and see if we can find a way to work together.


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