Will A Health Care Plan Affect Staffing?

A friend of mine, Mitch Mitchell, writes a health care newsletter. In one of his recent newsletters, he wrote about what might happen with medical billing if a health care plan is actually passed by the government. In was interesting, but the thing that caught my eye was his prediction that, at least initially, it might require the increase in staffing.

Throughout the history of medical billing, every time there’s some kind of change, there’s always been this question about whether staffing needed in increase or decrease. In many instances, administration was promised that with certain changes staffing would decrease, saving them money. That used to be true when hospitals were moving from paper billing processes to computer billing systems, but those days are gone. Reductions don’t come from changing computer systems anymore. Reductions only occur when facilities find ways to improve their staff, such as better training or processes.

Anyway the prediction of increased staffing is something that facilities must think about if a government option takes place. A lot of people iwll need to learn the new billing systems, and at that point they have to figure out how to deal with training their current staff needs while keeping up with billing that already exists.

That’s where an interim staffing company can help. As new processes are learned, there’s often not a need to continue with higher staffing levels. Bringing in interim personnel to help out for a short period of time isn’t a bad thing. Interim personnel could take care of current billing while your staff takes the time to learn new processes. If you find that you need to increase staff to handle things, interim staffing still might be able to help with the transition time, because we expect that some of the people we employ will also learn the new processes so that we can send them to facilities that might need assistance as well.

I’ts just something else to think about, in case a federal health care program does come.


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  1. I’m currently in medical billing and coding school and this is only good news. The more jobs available the better!

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