Evaluating Staffing Properly

I was reading an article the other day that talked about hospital staffing. On one level, it mentioned that some hospitals have too much staffing and need to take a better look at how they use their personnel. On another level, they talked about hospitals that, once they start cutting staff, don’t do the proper evaluation and end up cutting staff that’s actually more beneficial to their facility than what they were thinking about.

The worth of business office people is devalued because most of these people don’t have degrees, don’t have certifications, and may never qualify for management level positions. Yet, these are the people who bring in the money to a facility. Just like other positions within a hospital where the people don’t have the advanced degrees, or may not generate revenue, they’re as important to the overall operation of a hospital, if not more at times.

This is how we see it. The radiology department may be able to generate a charge that brings $3,000 worth of revenue to the hospital, but the billing department is the one that collects the money. In a situation like that, having one person to work the claims of one radiologist might be overkill, but it probably takes at least one person to do it. When it’s a big facility like a hospital, quite often these departments are either understaffed or under trained, and thus things don’t go quite as hoped for. If your accounts receivables department already has days in outstanding receivables higher than 70, the last thing they need to be thinking about is cutting staff.

Now, when it comes to hiring staff, maybe their thought process should be to bring in interim staff from a company like Expeditive, someone who you know has the background and training so that they don’t have to wonder if they know what they’re doing. And, since it’s interim staff, they wouldn’t have to worry about payroll or benefits or vacation; they just have to negotiate the rate with the staffing company and that’s that.

It’s always important to evaluate the importance of all staff properly. Without all of them in some legitimate capacity, your facility won’t be allowed to stay open for long.


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