Placing High Level Consultants

The biggest success Expeditive has ever had was when we placed multiple management level personnel at a hospital in New York. It worked great because this hospital was open to having a number of high level professionals come in to help them get on track, as they had multiple positions open and multiple problems as well.

The types of management level personnel we were able to bring in were:

* Director of Patient Accounting
* Director of Admissions
* Chargemaster Coordinator
* Supervisor of Nursing Home Billing
* IT Consultant
* Collections Supervisor
* Cash & Denials Consultant

Most of these consultants were on site for at least a year, offering all sorts of assistance to the administration of the hospital. Only two of them were native to New York, which shows how consultants can work anywhere. And, although each of these people fit specific needs for the facility, they all ended up working together in some capacity because all of them had experience in overseeing most of the other positions at one time in their history.

Not every hospital will need consultants to be on hand for over a year, but that’s not our point. This particular hospital had major problems, and in a year, along with other consultants that were brought in for ancillary departments, they were able to help this hospital attain profitability within that year they were there. It took a concerted effort from everyone to affect the turnaround, but they got it done. And, if we’d needed to send more people in, we were ready. That’s the benefit of concentrating in one field; we have a lot of names and a lot of people ready to go.

Indeed, there are companies out there who can give you what you need; we’re one of those companies, and we’re proud of it.


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