Will Your Staffing Needs Change With A New Health Care Bill?

Yesterday, Senator Max Baucus of Montana introduced the Democrat’s health care bill. At a price tag of around $850 billion, it’s a pretty costly plan that may or may not get signed into law.

Many hospitals around the country have held back on hiring consultants or interim staff during this uncertain period, in part because they wanted to see what kind of potential health care bill might be coming, and in part because the government indicated that there might be some cuts to Medicare or Medicaid payments. These would greatly impact hospitals and physicians who participated in either program, so hospitals wanted to take some time to refigure their budgets.

Now that there’s something out there, what are your thoughts on how it will affect your hiring practices? What about interim staffing to help get things ready for what may potentially come? The one thing that’s certain is if this bill, or any bill, gets passed, there will be a new player on the market that’s going to need to be billed, and some of the rules will probably change. If your billing department is already behind, it’ll be tough to catch up when staff have to learn how to bill something brand new.

There are no answers either way at this juncture, but know this. Whenever a new health care plan comes around, we will definitely make sure that anyone we help put into any health care situation will at least have some kind of knowledge as to how these claims need to be processed.


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