Temporary Agency Vs. Interim Staffing Agency

Expeditive is an interim staffing agency. We are not a temporary agency. Though i tmay seem to most people that these types of companies are the same, our focus is totally different.

A temporary agency focuses on a different type of employee than we do. They go for people who only want part time work for the most part, or are hoping to land a full time job by working as a temporary person first. The majority of their assignments are general office work, such as answering the phones, typing, or other office projects. Sometimes those employees will only go in for a day; sometimes they may be somewhere for a long time. The people they place tend to be local, placed locally. Many of the people they sign up might not have a lot of job skills, but if they can pass the test then they’re an appropriate candidate. Temporary agencies will take on all types of clients, not necessarily specializing in one field.

Interim staffing agencies are usually concentrated in one or two fields. For instance, we concentrate on health care staffing. There are interim staffing agencies that concentrate on information technology, engineering, even finance. When we send someone on an assignment, the shortest we’ll usually go for it a month, but even that’s usually too short many times. Every person we place has some kind of experience in doing the job. Even three years as a medical biller is pretty good experience for someone who decides they’d rather not be tied down to one specific employer. The people we contract with can live anywhere in the country, and are willing to pretty much go anywhere. We pay more because the job they do is more technical.

This shouldn’t be seen as a putdown of temporary agencies. Our focus is much different, that’s all. But it’s something for both potential prospects and clients to consider when they need assistance.


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