How Skilled Are Interim Professionals?

When interim staff are placed, no matter at what level, sometimes the expection of those people is that they’re going to be able to walk in and get to work immediately. While that’s a nice expectation, the truth is that there’s always a period of adjustment, learning, or evaluation.

Interim billing personnel often have been on multiple computer systems. Therefore, if they go into a hospital that has a system they’re familiar, it’s expected that they know it all and can just sit down and bill. However, there are always variables to every system. For instance, the software versions might be different, which means there are some differences in where everything is. Some hospitals pay for updates as soon as they come in, while others wait because of their money situation and suddenly find themselves years behind. Also, other modules might not interface in the same fashion, especially if the modules are different than what other hospitals are using. So, technology that might seem to be the same thing often isn’t.

For interim management, the last thing you want is someone walking in the first day and changing things without doing some sort of evaluation. For instance, many interim directors are told one thing by a CFO based on perception that, once they take a look at it, the interim director realizes that’s either not the actual problem or that there is no problem, only a different expectation than what they’ve been told.

The one thing you always know with interim personnel is that they have experience in almost any setting that you need them for. If a person has billed in a physician’s office, they have the skills to bill in a clinic. If a person has billed in any hospital, they have the skills to do billing in any other hospital. And we’ve written before on why interim directors don’t necessarily have to have specific computer system knowledge in order to do a good job for a hospital. It doesn’t negate their experience of background in any fashion.

If an interim staffing company is recommending someone for you to use, you can usually feel secure that they have a pretty good history behind them, whether they’ve worked multiple interim assignments or just one for a long time. Companies like Expeditive want to make sure that the people we place will represent us well, even if we’re not a consulting company.


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