Travel The Country Through An Interim Staffing Company

As I’ve been looking at blogs from within the industry, something I’ve noticed is that they talk about the opportunity to travel to places one might have never thought about going to before.

This is definitely true. Before I started Expeditive, I was an independent consultant for many years, and I’ve been everywhere from the East Coast, where I live, to the West Coast, and all point in between. I’ve had time to check out the sites in these areas also, because when you’re a long distance away, you don’t come home every weekend most of the time.

For many people, this is an exciting reason to sign up with a staffing company such as ours. It’s also why we don’t consider ourselves a temp agency, because the connotation there is that those assignments will only be for local businesses, and could last from a day to a week many times. As an interim staffing company, the benefit we offer to those folks who sign up with us for employment is the opportunity to spend anywhere from a month to a year in a different location, based on the need.

And some of those locations are either in, or near, places where there’s a lot going on. For instance, we have placed a lot of people near the New York City area, as well as Philadelphia and St. Louis. These are cities with a lot going on, and if you decided to stay in the area for a weekend, there are lots of places you could go and visit.

Of course, it all starts with the work, which is where our focus is, but once the working day is over, it’s up to you to determine how you want to spend your evenings and weekends in a new environment.


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