Staffing Companies Are Not Consulting Companies

A popular misconception about staffing companies is that they’re also consulting companies. In other words, it’s believed that because we’ve placed a person, we’re ultimately responsible for reporting on things they’re doing while on assignment.

Unfortunately, that’s not what staffing companies are all about. It’s a unique relationship that staffing companies have with their clients and the people they place that’s different than any other business.

Staffing companies have some people under a standard working contract. The difference comes in the level of the person being contracted and their status. For instance, billing people are considered our “employees” only when working on an assignment. We pay them, and cover some of their compensation health benefits. Management level staff may be covered under us, or they may be independently incorporated businesses that cover themselves. Our contracts with them are different because we may pay them as independents, which means they handle their own taxes.

Once someone we place is on an assignment, they officially report to the leadership at that company. Any reports requested need to come directly from those people. Like other staffing agencies, we only follow the employees performance on a general basis. We will talk to the people those people are reporting to just to find out how they’re doing. We also talk to the people we place to find out how they’re getting along. We do have a vested interest on that front.

Otherwise, the clients are the ones who get the reporting directly from the people we place. Just because we’re a medical staffing company doesn’t mean we’re a consulting company in any form. Not that we don’t have some people who’ve done the job, and thus could act as consultants, but that’s not what we do. If we were a consulting company, it would change our entire scope, and would probably cost our clients even more money than they’re paying for the people we place.

Expeditive is affliated with a consulting company, Besler Consulting. They handle any consulting that’s specifically requested above and beyond people we might place at a location. We handle interim staffing and placement because that’s what we do best. We’re separate entities under the same umbrella.


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