Building Business Relationships

Like every other company, we consider ourselves as a business about relationships.

Some of our clients have been with us for years, and keep coming back to request more bodies, in different capacities, as needed. Some of our clients are one-time hits, meaning they have an issue, we help them address that issue, then they move on from there and we never hear from them again.

Still, it’s all about relationships. We treat each client as though they’re the most important client we have. Customer service is a big deal, especially for a staffing company. The truth is that we’re not on site with the people we place or the client. Things don’t always go exactly as planned; no one has any control over everything.

Sometimes it’s our fault for placing the wrong person. Sometimes it’s the client’s fault for not telling us their exact needs. Sometimes it’s the person’s fault we place, who one day suddenly does something out of character that no one could have anticipated. And sometimes it’s no one’s fault; circumstances are just that, and a contract might have to be altered or canceled.

No matter what, customer service will determine how that business relationship fosters itself. Clients usually know that no one is perfect. Good customer service can go a long way towards solving any issues that either are, or aren’t, under a staffing company’s control. All of us, either in the health care field or outside of it, work hard to give the best customer experience possible.

We don’t win them all, but we win the overwhelming majority of them. It’s a good feeling when clients rave about people we’ve sent to them. It’s gut wrenching when there are problems. Luckily, we don’t have to keep a supply of antacids around because of worries about the people we place. We’re not perfect, but we’ll always strive to get there.


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