Specific Computer System Knowledge Isn’t Overly Important

Often we get requests for interim personnel who have knowledge on specific computer systems. The feeling is that the ramp up time for people who come in with the knowledge of a computer system will be less than bringing in someone without that comfort with a particular computer system.

Although the idea seems sound, truthfully, the type of billing system a hospital has doesn’t have much impact on the qualifications of a billing person. Many people who Expeditive brings in have worked on a number of systems, but the reality is that there are literally a couple hundred different systems for hospitals across the country, and even more for physician’s offices. Though there are differences here and there, almost all billing systems are the same in some fashion.

CFO’s possibly think there are great variations in systems because, once you leave registration and billing, things can drastically change. We’ve seen how there can be dramatic differences in how general ledgers are created, and we’ve seen how materials management systems can be different also. The processes involved can take a long time to teach people who may be used to one standard of how to do things.

But when it comes to billing, systems are fairly standard. Sure, there may be slight differences in screens, but the information is the same. And, these days most hospitals drop their bills into another electronic billing system where bills actually get cleaned up and sent out, and many of our billing personnel are quite familiar with those systems.

For this reason, it’s always better to look for people who are qualified in working the insurance your facility needs help with, rather than their competency on specific hospital computer systems.


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