What To Look For In Interim Leadership

Sometimes health care entities have a need to replace management level positions. Someone may have left, or administration might feel the need for another high level body to come in and offer something they don’t already have.

One of the best reasons for bringing in an independent consultant, which is how most management level interim employees consider themselves to be, is that they are usually skilled in stepping into a situation, doing quick evaluations, then taking action steps to help fix problems as necessary.

Interim leadership offers many things. One, they know they’re not going to be permanent employees, so most of the time they don’t come in trying to make too many friends, although they will try to find employees who will work well with them. They don’t get caught up in a lot of the drama of living in a particular area, which makes them dispassionate about the job that needs to be done. It’s not that they don’t care what happens, because they obviously do. What they do want to make sure of is that they can make decisions that affect positive outcomes, yet not get caught up in office politics that can often restrict current employees from trying something different, or revisiting something that may have been tried before in some fashion.

Expeditive works with a lot of these independent consultants, of all management levels, in making sure we place the proper person with the proper client. Some of our consultants are specialists, which may cost a little bit more, but you can bet that, if we’re recommending them, that they’re at the top of their game.


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