Deciding When You Need Interim Management Staff

Management level staff leaves companies every day. Some companies can easily fill management level positions because they have a lot of candidates from within they can choose from.

However, it’s a different story for hospitals. Often, they tend to hire only one person with the experience and skills to handle a particular job, and when those employees leave, they have to do some extensive outreach to try to find another body. Sometimes, that can take a long time, especially in areas that aren’t near large cities. That, plus most hospitals aren’t all that close to each other, so they have to try to convince candidates that either moving to their area or driving long distances is a good thing.

What happens is that, during this time period, departments might be leaderless. If you’re a relatively small facility, you might not have had an assistant director, manager, or supervisor already named to lead things. Probably if you had confidence in someone you’d have already thought about promoting them to the position. You can sometimes get by with putting someone in charge for a few weeks, but anything longer than that and you could be compromising your facility’s abilities to provide quality.

Interim management staff provides instant leadership and stability. Every interim leader who steps into either a leadership position or an independent position within your facility has already proven themselves in a number of other situations, either in your area or somewhere else around the country. More often that not, staff immediately recognizes their proficiency and accepts them in their role as a temporary leader. And we usually find that interim managers can easily affect positive changes that, strangely enough, the full time leaders you’ll bring in afterwards are often happy about.

This is why Expeditive is always happy to recommend interim management staff to hospitals. We recognize their proficiency and professionalism, and know that they will do the best job possible for you, our clients.


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