Why Use A Health Care Staffing Firm?

Some people might ask “why would we need a health care staffing firm?” There are really two reasons why both hospitals and physicians would need someone like Expeditive to help them out.

The first reason is because sometimes employees leave that have certain skills that, if you can’t replace them quickly enough, can hurt you. For instance, if your hospital had only 6 or 7 patient accounting people, and one was responsible for anything that had to do with Medicare, you would be in big trouble. Medicare is one of the major driving forces when it comes to inpatient billing and follow up, and is also a significant insurance on the outpatient side. It can literally take up to six months to train someone to work Medicare claims properly, and even people who are trained well might not know a lot of things.

Contacting a company that specifically works with health care staffing benefits hospitals and physicians because we have people on staff who have worked in hospitals, and know the types of employees needed to get the job done. Traditional staffing companies will find someone who might have only taken a billing course, which means you’d have to train them as soon as they get in the door. Often, we send in staff that even knows your computer system already, but even if you have to give them a little bit of training, you feel better knowing you don’t have to teach them the inner workings of specific insurances.

The second reason depends on why you might need someone to help your facility or practice. Maybe you’re trying to do a fast cash recovery project. Maybe you need someone to fill in while you take the time to try to find the right permanent replacement for someone no longer in the position. Maybe you’re transitioning your staff in another way and you need someone in place to help guide them instead of trying to hire someone who you may only need for three or four months.

These are tough roles to fill, and not every community has independent consultants who can step into a role and help get things done. With a company like Expeditive, we make sure that every consultant we send to you has had their competency verified. We also know the types of questions to ask them because, once again, we have staff that’s done what they do.

The next time you have a need such as what has been mentioned above, think of Expeditive as someone who can help you with this situation.


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