How Travel Works For Interim Employees

Sometimes we have clients who need experienced interim staff to come in and help them, whether it’s regular billing or registration staff or interim management personnel. If a hospital or physician’s office isn’t located within a large metropolitan city, where we already have some of those names in our files, we might have to bring in someone who doesn’t live in the area.

For most positions, we try to find someone who’s relatively close to the location of our client. If they’re within 60 or 90 minutes, then the client won’t have to pay for hotel expenses, and would only have to deal with mileage. Outside of that range, though, clients will most probably have to pay for hotel stays for the employees.

Some interim staff will want to drive their cars if they’re within a certain range of their home area. We’ve had some interim management people who have driven upwards of 7 hours so they can keep their own cars during the week.

However, that’s not the norm. Therefore, we would have to fly in some people, then have them get a rental car. Those costs may be a bit higher, but in some cases, paying for someone to fly in and rent a car can actually be less expensive than someone who drives a long way, especially with the price of gas these days. If someone lives close to a large airport, or they can book flights way in advance for longer assignments, flying might be a more fiscally secure way for them to travel.

Like most agencies of our type, Expeditive will always try to help its clients with saving expenses. There may be nothing we can do if your facility needs a specialist, as we’re also always going to try to place the best person available with you, but know that we think of our participation in helping a client with their needs is comprehensive, which means we’ll never hit you with unnecessary expenses or costs.


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