Interim Employee Use Rising

In the past week, there were two news stories from different areas of the country indicating that the use of interim workers from staffing companies is on the rise.

In both Beloit, WI and Charlotte, NC, staffing companies have indicated that there’s been a rise in requests for both temporary and permanent employees over the past few months, in a sign that may mean businesses are ready to turn things around and are not only looking to replace staff they might have had to let go, but need quick turnarounds by bringing in temporary staff to fill some of those roles.

Even recent information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that staffing firms are the fastest growing businesses in the nation right now because they have the ability to place staff quickly, which is what many companies need while they go through long interview processes looking for the right person long term.

Staffing companies like Expeditive do a lot of interviewing of candidates all the time, at all levels. We’re lucky in that we can place people in management positions that can step in and affect positive changes immediately, as well as bring in lower level staff to fill those roles. We have staff all over the country also, as opposed to just trying to find people in one specific city, and yes, it may cost more in expenses to bring in someone from another state sometimes, but the costs are mitigated by the amount of money temporary staff can help facilities bring in.

Based on the news, it looks like Expeditive is in the right place at the right time; we feel good about that.


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