Interim Staff vs. Outsourcing

Sometimes, hospitals have financial issues that they need to deal with. In those times, often a decision comes up as to whether the hospital should just outsource some aspects of their receivables or hire interim staffing to address the issue.

Most of the time, finance people see this as an issue of only money, as in “we need it now,” and that’s not really the way the thought process should go. Instead, it should be based more on long term needs of the facility rather than what’s going on short term.

For instance, if your facility is going through a computer conversion and you’re going to need to retrain your staff, and in doing so there won’t be much time to keep working on outstanding receivables, it’s a good time to outsource. That way, you don’t have to worry about having to pull your people or supervisory staff away from your permanent employees needs to deal with past issues.

On the other hand, if all you need is a little bit of restructuring because your department has fallen behind, and, even though you still need the money, your needs are short term, then it makes more sense to bring in an interim employee, or many, to fill the role. And, if that interim employee has some knowledge already, that’s even better for your situation.

Sometimes, the most cost effective response is the simplest one.


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