Interim Staff vs. Outsourcing

Sometimes, hospitals have financial issues that they need to deal with. In those times, often a decision comes up as to whether the hospital should just outsource some aspects of their receivables or hire interim staffing to address the issue.

Most of the time, finance people see this as an issue of only money, as in “we need it now,” and that’s not really the way the thought process should go. Instead, it should be based more on long term needs of the facility rather than what’s going on short term.

For instance, if your facility is going through a computer conversion and you’re going to need to retrain your staff, and in doing so there won’t be much time to keep working on outstanding receivables, it’s a good time to outsource. That way, you don’t have to worry about having to pull your people or supervisory staff away from your permanent employees needs to deal with past issues.

On the other hand, if all you need is a little bit of restructuring because your department has fallen behind, and, even though you still need the money, your needs are short term, then it makes more sense to bring in an interim employee, or many, to fill the role. And, if that interim employee has some knowledge already, that’s even better for your situation.

Sometimes, the most cost effective response is the simplest one.


How To Use Interim Staff

Often, we place a person at a hospital or physician’s office with the expectation that they’ll be doing one kind of work. Then we learn later that, instead of doing what we sent them to do, they’re not only working something different, but have been given supervisory responsibility that, unfortunately, we may not be getting paid for, and thus, the person we’ve placed isn’t getting paid properly for either.

Staffing companies look for the best candidates to do a host of things for them. A company like Expeditive, for instance, sometimes has management level staff that we can provide that also will do regular billing projects as a change of pace. That’s a benefit to us because it gives us more flexibility in placing people in all sorts of places. But it can also be a detriment when those we contract with decide to use those people in ways that aren’t fair to the employee, especially if that person has a more extensive background and, thus is suddenly more valuable to the facility, than they had originally asked for.

Sometimes, the reverse happens. We’ll place a person somewhere because we’ve been asked for someone with a particular set of skills, then when they show up they’re asked to do a job that those skills don’t fit. Not all people who’ve done registration can do billing, and vice versa. And not all people who have been billing for 20 years have the skills to lead others.

It’s important that, when hospitals or physicians come to the conclusion that they need some assistance, they’re able to tell the staffing companies just what it is they need. And it’s also important that staffing companies try to obtain as much information from you as they can get so that they have a better chance of giving you exactly what you need, while being fair to the person being placed.

We’re pretty good, but like everyone else, we’re only as good as the information we’re given. With a proper conversation, both sides will always get a win.

Interim Employee Use Rising

In the past week, there were two news stories from different areas of the country indicating that the use of interim workers from staffing companies is on the rise.

In both Beloit, WI and Charlotte, NC, staffing companies have indicated that there’s been a rise in requests for both temporary and permanent employees over the past few months, in a sign that may mean businesses are ready to turn things around and are not only looking to replace staff they might have had to let go, but need quick turnarounds by bringing in temporary staff to fill some of those roles.

Even recent information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that staffing firms are the fastest growing businesses in the nation right now because they have the ability to place staff quickly, which is what many companies need while they go through long interview processes looking for the right person long term.

Staffing companies like Expeditive do a lot of interviewing of candidates all the time, at all levels. We’re lucky in that we can place people in management positions that can step in and affect positive changes immediately, as well as bring in lower level staff to fill those roles. We have staff all over the country also, as opposed to just trying to find people in one specific city, and yes, it may cost more in expenses to bring in someone from another state sometimes, but the costs are mitigated by the amount of money temporary staff can help facilities bring in.

Based on the news, it looks like Expeditive is in the right place at the right time; we feel good about that.


Hello.  My name is Jim Yarsinsky, and I’d like to welcome you to our new blog.  Our company name is Expeditive, and we’re one of the leading interim staffing companies in the United States.

I started this company back in 2003 under the name PFS Resources.  We have been in business together since that time, and have placed both regular billing staff and interim directors and independent high level personnel at hospital across the country.

You’re probably wondering how a company like ours operates.  Well, we like to see ourselves as something a little bit different than the norm.  Instead of just going out and getting people with no background, we recruit people with great resumes and a wealth of history behind them.  We check out their professional status, and try to place them with the right health care facilities.  We have a great record of success, and some of the people we’ve placed have helped health care entities get out of a lot of financial and management problems.

With this blog, we plan on talking about things that are related to health care, employees, staffing, management, and at times, specific revenue cycle enhancement projects.  We will also, from time to time, broadcast company news.  We may touch upon controversial health care issues from time to time also, but not too controversial.  After all, sometimes just reporting the news, even news that everyone hasn’t heard, seems controversial to some people.  But everything we do will be with respect to you, our readers and clients.

Please take a look at our site, our services, and our history.  Get to know us, because we’re here for your needs.  And, I’d also like to direct you to a brief interview I gave about myself and Expeditive last year; it’s just a little bit more information about myself and what we do.  I hope you enjoy what we’ll be bringing to you on a regular basis here.

Tips to Improve Hospital Revenue Cycle Operations

What creative and unique ideas do you have to lower hospital A/R and accelerate cash flow ?

Here is an idea:  For your most uncooperative 3rd party payer, download accounts (aged beyond 60 days) to an excel spreadsheet.  Email the list to your provider reps attention and schedule a meeting with her to discuss claim statuses.  Great way to resolve accounts in bulk!